Crete, the beautiful island set in the Mediterranean below the mainland of Greece. Beautiful landscapes, clear blue seas, thousands of years of history and culture…Crete has it all.

Perhaps you like the idea of going to Crete on your own, to study nature, or history, or the culture, to paint or to write, but you don’t know anyone there and you don’t know the language? So being able to go somewhere friendly, with a caring, family atmosphere could appeal to you? Then The Home Nest would be the perfect option.

The Home Nest offers a small, self-contained apartment within a family home for those seeking a short or long residency in an inspirational and creative environment, with the support of a community but also independence and solitude.

The Home Nest is run by two artists, we are mother and daughter: Thalia (37) and Sophia Theodosaki (57). We are both thoroughly experienced and knowledgeable in a score of different skills and crafts and will be your support system locally.

You will have your own private apartment but be part of a wider community in our house, where common rooms can be used at any time.

The house is located 7 km outside Rethymnon, in the pretty village of Prines, the nearest beach is 3km away. We also have a 1000sqm garden for communal cultivation of vegetables and flowers.

We offer:


  • Accommodation: a fully furnished 40sqm apartment with superb views of the sea and surrounding landscape, per WG member

  • Getting about: either driving with us in our car, or your own rental car, by bus, or by bike

  • Languages: we both speak Greek of course but also very good German and English to help our WG members.

  • Excursions and cultural events of Crete

Mentoring in these skills:


  • Local Mediterranean cooking

  • Hiking together in the wonderful Cretan landscape to gather herbs and enjoy nature

  • Swimming together in the sea

  • Art and crafts under the guidance of Sophia, including: - laying mosaic - painting - sewing - knitting - felting - making soap - making natural cosmetics - identifying and collecting wild herbs - Greek baking and cooking - and much more...

In addition: we offer a basic course in the study of Greek.


Prices include the apartment (fully furnished), heating, electricity, water, internet bills.


Your food, and fuel for excursions is extra.


Per day: 50 €

Per month: 800 €


For 3 months or more: 600 € per month


All materials for activities will be charged extra