Herb Hikes

You can find a huge variety of herbs (wider than anywhere else in the Mediterranean area) growing and thriving in the rugged mountains and on the coast of Crete. Together we can explore these mountains and sea-side paths to find plants each of which has its own special time of growth and flowering. November, with the onset of the winter rains, sees the first stirrings of life as the young shoots rise out of the ground. This is the time to begin looking for wild greens which can be used for a wide variety of cooking techniques and medicines. The mountains can be green until July when the summer drought dries the plants and seeds fall, awaiting the next winter rainfall to begin the cycle again. What could be better for both body and soul than to walk in the mountains and by the sea in the mild winter air of Crete?

Make herbal oils, ointments, creams and soaps

These herbs and wild plants can be processed and oils extracted that are used to make creams and ointments which are natural, pure, free of additives and chemicals , and with no pollutants and suitable for every skin type. Soap is also made and who does not want a nourishing, moisturising soap with no chemical additives for their skin, so that no body lotions are needed after showering?

Join in the Mediterranean cooking experience

The Cretan soil produces fruit and vegetables throughout the year, as well as a limited amount of organic cereal production. Local farmers’ markets are held every week with much of the high quality produce being grown organically. This is the basis of our Mediterranean cuisine, together with cold-pressed olive oil, the aromatic local mountain herbs and the wide range of Cretan dairy products. We have moved away from the supermarket, with its plastic packaged, instant food and preservative life-style, towards a healthy diet,  tailor made for our climate.

Handicrafts, crafts and creative work

We provide painting facilities in different media, including acrylic, watercolour, tempera, pastel, crayons and charcoal, as well as the chance to take up handicrafts such as knitting, embroidery and sewing. For lovers of mosaic art, there is the opportunity to learn this very ancient craft (dating back to the Egyptians) here with us, and to recreate their works. We stock a large range and quantity of both materials and tools, so our guests can give free rein to their imagination!

Hiking and swimming

My daughter Thalia and I offer a range of guided walks from small exploratory rambles in the village and surrounding area to longer, more challenging hikes in the mountains of Crete. Depending on the route, the latter take place under the guidance and protection of our hiking club in Rethymnon. The nearest beach is 3 km away from our house and there are endless sandy beaches beginning a few kilometres (10 km) further along. As well as swimming, there is the opportunity to take timeless walks along the beach collecting shells and driftwood etc., which can then be used at home for our creative work

Learn Greek

Upon request, our guests can learn Greek with us, in a fun way and with no pressure, completing your experience of Crete!