Thalia Theodosaki was born in Munich in 1982 and grew up in Rethymno in Crete.

2000: High school degree

2000 - 2002: Munich, study of the German language

2002 - 2006: studies 3D ANIMATION in Athens

2007-2012: art workshops with children

2010: birth of the son Ionas

2014 -2015: animation for children in a hotel in Rethymnon

2016 - 2017: supervision of a German pensioner on Crete

2014 - 2019: Rental and care of our apartments on Crete

Thalia Theodosaki

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Sophia Theodosaki, born in 1962 in Isny, Kempten in Allgäu and grew up in Munich. Attended technical college in Munich and private lessons with painter and sculptor Frixos Theodosakis.

1981 - Marriage to Frixos Theodosakis

1982 - daughter Thalia is born

1982 - Relocation from Munich to Crete

1983 - Birth of son Iason

1989 - birth of son Fivo

1985 - 2009 art workshops for children and adults

2006 - Frixos Theodosakis dies.

Exhibitions with own works in Munich, Öhringen and Crete

Organized exhibitions in Crete for international artists

2008 – 2016 – foster parenting

From 2013 Sophia attended seminars for herbalism and the production of natural cosmetics and developed them herself.

Art media: egg yolk tempera on wood, silk painting, paper making, mosaic, textiles, felting, sewing, making paper, working on paper.

The project "Accompanied shared flat on Crete" is realized together with Thalia Theodosaki.

Sophia Theodosaki